Hints & Tips for Digital Recording

Hints & Tips for Digital Recording - Do's and Dont's

A good, clear recording results in accurate and fast transcription. Less transcription time means less cost to you the client. 


Try to use a Desktop Recorder, digital if possible

Use a recorder that will support one or more external microphones if there is more than one person in the interview 

Place the microphone near the interviewee/speaker 

Remind the interviewee/speaker to speak as clearly as possible into the microphone and not to ‘mumble’ 

Make a test recording before proceeding any further and listen back to it yourself Ask each speaker to introduce him/herself clearly if the interview needs to be set out this way 

Ask the speakers to try not to talk over each other. 


Record at slow speed 

Record in a noisy environment -  

• rustle paper near the microphone 
• use glasses, bottles, coffee/tea cups and saucers near the microphone 
• don’t carry on speaking if a phone rings of if someone coughs or sneezes 
• place the microphone near air conditioning units
• overhead projectors
• laptops
• open windows (traffic noise)
• a noisy corridor, people taking in the vicinity
• dogs barking, children crying 

or even the recorder itself 

(The human ear filters out extra and unwanted noise, the microphone does not; it will record EVERYTHING it hears) 

A bad quality, unclear recording necessitates the transcriber to keep back pedalling to hear what is being said using up more of their time and at more cost to you the client.  
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